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Best Jackpot Slots with Crypto for Aussie Players

If you ask someone who’s not familiar with how casinos work, they’ll probably associate it with jackpots. The term “jackpot” is perhaps one of the most used in the industry, whether in an accurate context or not.In this our guide to jackpot slots with crypto in Australia. If you’ve been meaning to get into the journey but are not sure how these games work, we’ve got you covered. Not only that, but we’ll also list the best games for newcomers as well as the games with the biggest jackpots in the country

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    100 Joker Staxx: 100 lines

    star 10 /10
    • Casino BIZZO CASINO
    • Provider Playson
    • Release Date 10.01.2019
    • RTP 96.48
    • Volatility MED-HIGH
    • Max Win x3825.00
  2. 2

    Power of Gods: Medusa

    star 10 /10
    • Casino Slotman
    • Provider Wazdan
    • Release Date 17.11.2021
    • RTP 96.18
    • Volatility ADJUSTED
    • Max Win x2500.00
  3. 3

    Buffalo Power Hold and Win

    star 10 /10
    • Casino HellSpin
    • Provider Playson
    • Release Date 01.07.2020
    • RTP 95.04
    • Volatility Medium
    • Max Win x1187.00
  4. 4

    Buffalo Power Hold and Win

    star 10 /10
    • Casino Ricky Casino
    • Provider Playson
    • Release Date 01.07.2020
    • RTP 95.04
    • Volatility Medium
    • Max Win x1187.00
  5. 5

    Power of Gods: Medusa

    star 10 /10
    • RTP 96.18
    • Volatility ADJUSTED
    • Max Win x2500.00

What are CryptoJackpot Slots?

When someone yells out JACKPOT, it doesn’t necessarily mean winning at a casino game all the time. Even passing college with distinction might intrigue a student to call the jackpot. The very idea behind the term relates to achieving something of great value. It doesn’t matter if it’s monetary or not.  But, we have to admit that the origin of the term surely traces back to casinos. Back in the early days of gambling, a jackpot referred to a pile of money on a poker table. Only the player who produced a pair of jacks (suits didn’t matter) could grab the whole pile. It’s the appearance of “jacks” and the “pot” of money that resulted in the term.Fast forward to today, the jackpot refers to a massive win from a casino game. You may have heard from people who play pokies all the time that they’ve scored a jackpot.The most common scenario is that you’re playing a jackpot slot in an Aussie online casino, just like any other game. Suddenly, the screen changes, and it lets you know that you’ve won the jackpot! Whatever the value of the jackpot at that time is, it’ll also show up on the screen.Now, coming back to the discussion of our topic, what are cryptojackpot slots?In simple words, when you win the jackpot prize in cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency. You may winBitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or any other token the Australiancasino operator might be offering. From what we can, it’s more common for casinos to go with Bitcoin as it’s the most stable one.The other aspect of these games is what currency you use to place the bet. Do you use fiat money or cryptocurrencies? The answer is it depends. Some casinos will allow you to use both interchangeably, while others will specify what to use.

Types of Jackpots in Casino Australia

When you’re learning about the jackpotslot machines with Bitcoins, it’s crucial that you know about the types of games. At the end of the day, the jackpot prize accumulation comes from the real money bets placed by players. But how a game does it creates different genres.So, let’s go over the types of games you can access in Australia.

Game Rules in Casino Australia

Pretty much the same rules from regular pokies apply to jackpot slots. But it means you need to be aware of the rules in the first place. In case you’re not, check out this section with the utmost attention.

How many reels you have in a game has a direct impact on the number of active paylines. In general, the more reels, the more the paylines. But it doesn’t mean games with a low reel count cannot be jackpots. Historically, all popular jackpot slots were 3-reel games. It ultimately comes down to what kind of theme you prefer and how much patience you have.

In an online slot game, it’s the paylines that pay. In simple words, a payline is a combination of reel positions that are considered a win. A game with 10 paylines means there are 10 different reel position combinations that can result in a win. The important thing to keep in mind is that the “adjacent reels pay.” No matter how many reels your chosen game has, the winning payline needs a symbol on all the reels. If there’s a gap, it’s not a payline.

Except for progressive jackpots, most games payout the grand prize as a multiplier to your stake. If you bet AUD 10 on a game and win a 1,000x jackpot, it means your payout is AUD 10,000. But if you placed an AUD 100 bet, your payout would’ve been AUD 100,000!As you can see, the minimum and maximum bet values a game allows have a direct impact on your jackpotpayout. Most Aussieplayers opt for a bet value somewhere in the middle of the range. Then again, there are high rollers who want to maximize their win potential from a jackpot game.

If you have an interest in online casino games, you must’ve heard of RTP. It’s a theoretical projection of how much you can win back from a game. It’s “theoretical” because the RTP is calculated based on millions of spins. So, you can’t really expect the RTP to hit within a few rounds.However, the average payout for high RTP games is higher. Before you start playing a game, you need to make sure that you’re choosing a game that fits your needs. In general, jackpot slots have a relatively lower RTP because of their high random payout potential.

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the game mechanics. The majority of jackpot slots that you play with crypto have a left-to-right mechanic. It means the winning symbols are considered from the left-most reel toward the right-most reel. Then there are payways or bothways games. Instead of sticking to a side, you get paid no matter which orientation your winning symbols land.Of course, how can we forget Megaways? This unique mechanic is developed by Big Time Gaming, a native Australian software provider. Unlike other games, the number of paylines is not fixed in these games. Rather, it changes with every spin! There are titles boasting up to 117,649 Megaways!Having more lines to win surely improves the likelihood of you winning the jackpot, don’t you think?

How to PlayJackpot Slots with Cryptocurrency in Australia?

Now that you know the basics of jackpotgames online and their potential for unlimitedwinnings, you might be wondering how to play these games. To be precise, you might be looking into how to play them using cryptocurrencies.Let’s be honest, not everyone in Australia knows how to navigate the waters around the crypto industry, do they?

Crypto Situation in Australia

As a decentralized network of digital currencies, there is more than enough speculation about cryptos. Not all countries have regulated it yet. Many have outright banned it for the citizens.The Australian government, thankfully, sees cryptocurrencies as property. Although it means you need to pay capital gain taxes on your anonymous properties, it also means you can use them to playjackpot slots at Aussie online casinos!

Where to Get Crypto

One of the main hurdles for newcomers in the crypto industry is getting their hands on the tokens. If you don’t have friends or family who can send you some, the next option is buying them for real money from crypto exchanges. Even before that, you’ll need to register for a crypto wallet. As soon as you connect your wallet to your exchange account, you’ll be able to buy Bitcoins or any other tokens using your credit cards or direct bank transfers.

How to Deposit Crypto in Casino Account

When you opt for casinos that acceptcrypto in Australia, you should find various tokens listed on the payments page. All crypto transactions are wallet-to-wallet, and they are based on unique wallet addresses.For a deposit, you’ll get the casino’s wallet address and send the necessary tokens to that address. And for a withdrawal, it’s the exact opposite process.

Tips to Get an Edge in Cryptocurrency Slots

To be honest, there’s not much you can do to improve your likelihood of winning. It’s simply because all kinds of slot machines, including jackpots, are games of chance. It means there’s no way to use any skills or strategies to win more. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t play smartly. You might not win more but you can surely try to lose less. Here are some hints we’ve picked up on during our time in the industry.

Read the Paytable First

Remember all the game rules we covered a while back? You already know how crucial those aspects are for the games. But where do you find the information? Well, on the paytable! The paytable in online slots is the database. From the number of paylines to the winning symbol combination to RTP to volatility, you can find all of these pieces of information on the paytable. Hence, it’s very important that you read the paytable before playing the game. The goal is to understand what you’re getting into.

Opt for High RTP Slots

We know we’ve already mentioned that jackpot slots tend to have lower RTP ratings. At least, the majority of the reviews attest to this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find high RTP jackpots. All you have to do is look around. This way, even if you don’t win the jackpot, you won’t lose as much.

Play demo at Australian casino games

One of the most rookie mistakes you can make in Australia is going into Bitcoin jackpot slots for real money without figuring out how it feels. The majority of online casinos these days allow players to play slots in demo modes. So, you should certainly start there.

Manage Your Bankroll

The “bankroll” in iGaming is the fund you have to play the games. It’s a bad idea to mix your regular expense account with a gambling account. Even when you keep them separate, don’t blow your budget on a single game or a single bet. Remember, the more games you play, the higher the chance of you hitting the jackpot.

Popular Jackpot Slots with Bitcoins this Year

The rank of the best crypto slots with jackpots changes every year. Although the rankings don’t matter, it doesn’t hurt to know which games are preferred by most players in Australia, does it?Here are the top jackpots you can play with crypto right now:

Best Games to Play if You’re New

The games we covered in the previous section are tried and tested by millions of players worldwide. But if you’re new to the paradigm and looking forward to a learning experience, you may want to start with the games below.

Jackpot Games with the Biggest Prizes in Australia

Before we wrap up, take a quick look at the highest-paying jackpot slots in Australia for both crypto and fiat currency.

AustralianMobileJackpot Slots

We’re currently living in the era of mobile devices. Don’t believe us? What device are you using to read this post? On your phone, right?So you can see why it’s important for online casinos as well as jackpot networks to ensure proper mobile compatibility. It’s not mandatory for the casino to offer a downloadable app for iOS and Android. But if you can find an app over a no download platform, it’s all that better.Also, all of the jackpot slot games with Bitcoins you can see on the desktop site should be available on the mobile website too. When you can match the 2 and 2 together, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have a blast on your smartphone.

FAQ on Crypto Jackpot slots Australia

How do I play the crypto jackpot slot with crypto in Australia?

First up, you need to be at least 18, have a valid address in Australia, and have access to crypto tokens. Then, all you have to do is sign up for a crypto casino and start playing!

What are the different types of jackpots out there?

As we’ve already covered on this page, you can choose between local jackpots, in-game jackpots, network jackpots, and progressive jackpots in Australia. The same itinerary of games is available across other countries where online gambling is legal.

Can I use BTC to play jackpots in the country?

If the casino you’re opting for is a crypto casino, you’ll most definitely be able to use Bitcoin for your deposits and withdrawals. It’s the forefather of all crypto tokens, after all.